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I work with "traditional" media. That means when I create art there is a physical canvas, sculpture or piece of paper with me all over it.

In answer to a number of recent inquiries here is my business pitch.

My idea of a "request" is a commission to create art for money (in US Dollars). Please do not ask me to draw something unless you are willing to pay for it up front.

My standard comic convention rates are as follows:

$10.00 monochrome sketch card
$15.00 color sketch card
$20.00 for 8.5 X 11 sketch
$35.00 for a "simple" 8.5 X 11 1 character color work

(all plus postage)

More ellaborate commissions are negotiated on a per case basis.

double @ price if you want "mature" content i.e. nudity
I do not do hard core or kinky stuff.


Which category of my works would you like to see more of? 

8 deviants said paleontology photography and reconstructions
8 deviants said Disney inspired fan art
8 deviants said "Malora"
6 deviants said astronomical and planetary art
4 deviants said comic book and cartoon inspired fan art
3 deviants said science fiction & fantasy movie and TV fan art
1 deviant said fantasy sculpture
No deviants said nature photography
No deviants said none of the above
No deviants said suggest spmething else


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Dark Angels by LEXLOTHOR
Dark Angels
More examples of my mad modeling endeavors can be seen in my DA sculpture gallery:…

Over the years I have created new fantastic sculpture by cutting up existing figurines, models and toys and compositing parts into completely new arrangements. I have made a number of winged kitties and bunnies by sawing the wings off of Christmas angels. After some time I found that I had accumulated an entire shelf full of wingless angels. One day I acted upon a notion that I had been contemplating for a while. I had reached a critical mass of body parts in which I had oodles of Halloween decorations. I had a go at combining these two holidays in the manner of Tim Burton.

Here you see the result. I cut up strings of Halloween skeletons and worked them into the instruments being played by the heavenly choir. The guitar consists of a scale model human pelvis, vertebrae and foot. The harp is made from a skull and ribcage. The harpist wears a gown adorned with nine human skulls. The angel's eyes are inset red glass beads.

I started this project in September 2014. I finished the first two six months later. Each part was hand cut and set. The paint job was immensely time consuming. I masked the original paint with spray flat gray primer. The basic color scheme of red white and black was brush painted in gloss enamels. This was then muted with textured gray and black spray paint. Over these regions I hand painted matte and gloss acrylics. Final detailing was accomplished by rubbing color pencils and applying gold enamel with paint pens.

The Guitarist is made of 13 different components pinned and cemented together. The harpist is composed of 22 separate parts. I will never make back the scores of hours that I put into these two pieces.

I have three more "Dark Angel" musicians close to completion.

Each statue stands 18 cm tall.

art & photo (c) John P. Alexander

Sculpture composited in resin & PVC plastic, steel pins and glass beads.
Steampunk Hamster IX by LEXLOTHOR
Steampunk Hamster IX

More of my steampunk hamsters can be seen in my DA "LEXY WORKS" gallery:…

This little guy is hard at work torqueing down the fasteners. This series was inspired by my experience with the emotionally crushing affects of industrial drudgery.

art (c) John P. Alexander

2.5" x 3.5" art card rendered in Prismacolors, Tombow markers & acrylics.

Curious Kitty by LEXLOTHOR
Curious Kitty

More of my kitties an Cabalaeros can be seen in my DA "LEXY WORKS" gallery:…


art (c) John P. Alexander

2.5' x 3.5" art card rendered in Prismacolor pencils, markers & acrylics

Enterprise Under Twin Moons by LEXLOTHOR
Enterprise Under Twin Moons
More of my astronomical and space travel art can be seen in my DA "Space Art" gallery:…

This is a card in a series I have done that is inspired by "classic" space ships and scenarios from science fiction television and movies.
Starship Enterprise (c) Paramount

art & text (c) me

2.5" x 3.5" art card rendered in Prismacolor pencils, Tombow markers & acrylics
Sandworm by LEXLOTHOR
More of my astronomical and space travel art can be seen in my DA "Space Art" gallery:…

This is a card in a series I have done that is inspired by "classic" space ships and scenarios from science fiction television and movies. Frank Herbert's "Dune" universe is one of the most compelling scenarios in the history of science fiction. Here I was inspired by documentary footage of the crash of the Hindenberg to show the effect on people of a sudden and huge calamity. As Arakis sandworms go, this wasn't even a big one.

sandworms / "Dune (c) Herbert Estate

art (c) me

2.5" x 3.5" art card rendered in Prismacolor pencils, Tombow markers & acrylics


LEXLOTHOR's Profile Picture
John P. Alexander
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States

For art commission inquiries please contact me at:

Current Residence: suburban Seattle

Journal History

At the end of 2014 I look back at some of the high points for science fiction and fantasy entertainment in movies and television. I am not engaged in gaming so that doesn’t appear on my radar. So in no particular order here they are.


Gotham is the best new television series on the year that I have seen. It is respectful to the "Batman" legacy and the desires of the fans. I consider it to be a better treatment of the material than the recent cycle of Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan. Yes, this show is very dark. Even though we see many of the Batman characters as youths, this show is NOT for kids. The writing is kept at a high level. The bad guys all appear to have been carefully crafted according to research into abnormal psychology. The Penguin is cast as a textbook sociopathic personality. It is also fun to see Alfred Pennyworth as a character closer to the original "Equalizer" than the new Denzel Washington movie. This is the one show that I look forward to every week.


The new Flash series is okay. Its not particularly good, but it isn’t bad. I remember the 1990 TV series. It was entertaining and low budget. This new incarnation is better made, but not as engaging. I can pass on this one.

The Librarians

I ask myself why one network cancelled "Warehouse 13" so that another network can create a clone of "Warehouse 13"?

The Strain

Eh-ooooo! Too gross for me.

Rick and Morty

I stumbled across this oddity by accident. I want to like this obvious rip off of the Doc Brown / Marty McFly relationship from the "Back to the Future" movies, but it just doesn’t click for me.

Mr. Peabody

After the terrible aborted reboots of "Rocky and Bullwinkle" and "Boris & Natasha" I had great trepidation about this latest resurfacing of a Jay Ward property. I was delighted to find that it was both fresh and fun.

The Hobbit (part zillion)

Only the first five minutes of the final Hobbit movie bear any resemblance to the Tolkien novel. What followed was two hours of absolute mayhem that made my teeth ache. There was a lot of frenetic activity but very little substance. Several big stars appear on screen for only a few minutes. This final glimpse of Middle Earth was like listening to the air wheezing out of an abandoned bagpipe.


I have already devoted a special review to eviscerating this bloated and pretentious over production. For those who understand where I am coming from do the words "conservation of angular momentum" mean any thing to you?

Guardians of the Galaxy

At least this movie was aware of its own material and didn’t take itself too seriously. I am far more accepting of wretched excess when the tongue is firmly in the cheek. It was reasonably good entertainment. The premise is very familiar, a bunch of oddball outlaws fly around the galaxy in a hotrod of a spaceship. I once reflected that "Farscape" was "Blake’s Seven" with a budget. GOTG is "Farscape" with a mega-budget. I did like the racoon and his woody pal. SPOILER ALERT: I didn’t sit through the credits to see the sneak peek at the end, but I encountered it on the internet. Back when Disney acquired BOTH Marvel Comics and the George Lucas inventory it occurred to me that the company had grabbed the comic book AND the movie rights to "Howard the Duck". Film afficionados may recall that "Howard the Duck" was the worst movie that Lucas ever made. It has become an industry synonym for epic failure. Is Disney actually considering a relaunch of the Titanic?

How to Train Your Dragon II

I liked most of this film. It had some genuine heart to it. Hiccup trading a father for a mother didn’t make much sense. Did Gerard Butler want out of the franchise or what? The quality of the animation was excellent. It follows the television series that I consider to be the best animated show in TV history. It was good to see that the kids are being allowed to grow up. I suppose there will be a third instalment in the future. I hope that Dreamworks will maintain the high standard of quality.


As a big Maleficent fan going back to the original 1959 "Sleeping Beauty" I had much trepidation about this live action retelling. It was not the back story that I would have written for the Dark Fairy but it was an adequate one. This film resembles the Disney "Narnia" films in some ways and it was actually better.

Captain America The Winter Soldier

These Marvel epics are just becoming too ponderous to sit through. I want to like this film, but the endless mindless action sequences just become tedious. I actually prefer the companion television series "Agents of Shield" to the feature films.

Agents of Shield

This is a satisfying series that actually has likeable characters. The one disturbing feature is that when some major shift occurs in the Marvel movie universe, this series has to change its format to keep up. As a fan of the soon to be revised "Man from UNCLE" TV series I appreciate the homages that Joss Whedon makes to its source material.

X-Men Days of Future Past

This one suffers from the same affliction of trying to do too much in one movie that most of the other Marvel films have. It was clearly intended to be seen by fans over and over again in order to catch everything. I could barely sit through one viewing. Since when did Kitty Pryde have those extra powers? It had a stellar cast and lots of impressive special effects. So why did I find that last three minutes of the film were the best three minutes of the entire X-Men franchise? It is because the ending erased everything that had violated comic book canon in the four previous movies!

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