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I work with "traditional" media. That means when I create art there is a physical canvas, sculpture or piece of paper with me all over it.

In answer to a number of recent inquiries here is my business pitch.

My idea of a "request" is a commission to create art for money (in US Dollars). Please do not ask me to draw something unless you are willing to pay for it up front.

My standard comic convention rates are as follows:

$10.00 monochrome sketch card
$15.00 color sketch card
$20.00 for 8.5 X 11 sketch
$35.00 for a "simple" 8.5 X 11 1 character color work

(all plus postage)

More ellaborate commissions are negotiated on a per case basis.

double @ price if you want "mature" content i.e. nudity
I do not do hard core or kinky stuff.


Which category of my works would you like to see more of? 

8 deviants said paleontology photography and reconstructions
8 deviants said Disney inspired fan art
8 deviants said "Malora"
6 deviants said astronomical and planetary art
4 deviants said comic book and cartoon inspired fan art
3 deviants said science fiction & fantasy movie and TV fan art
1 deviant said fantasy sculpture
No deviants said nature photography
No deviants said none of the above
No deviants said suggest spmething else


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Why "Steven Universe" is Good for Girls

I generally resist cartoons that are crudely rendered. There has been an annoying tendency among American animated series of late to use ever more minimalistic styles. I attribute this to the fact that traditional (2-D) animation simply cannot compete with computer generated animation in image quality. Therefore "Steven Universe" had been on the air for months before I gave it a look see.

I have been as surprised by "SU" as I was by "Adventure Time" and "Gravity Falls". It is well conceived and well written. Just as I found "Adventure Time" to be the most subversive (i.e. crypto-adult) animated series since "Rocky and Bullwinkle", "SU" is the most feminist cartoon show I have ever seen. One can't describe this show without at least once invoking the L-word. Now that this has been done I can get beyond the Sapphic subtext that pervades every episode. Small children will not understand the deeper meanings of the show. Boys will ignore the girly bits and concentrate on Steven's adventures. Adolescent girls with gender identification issues however will perceive that this show is filling a void that they may not have even been conscious of.

The episode in which the boy Steven fuses with the girl Connie to create a composite character that is all-woman reminds us that males and females alike have X chromosomes. Garnet's enthusiasm for this development speaks volumes about her own nature which is revealed in a later episode. By binge-watching this series I got to see that all of the secrets that are slowly revealed are all there from the very beginning.

The BIG message of this show is that it is OK to be a girl. Here are the other messages. Women can be courageous superheroes and not have to wear skimpy outfits. Superheroines can look like any one. Only Garnet is in the Wonder Woman category of physique. Pearl is thin. Amethyst is stout. These women don't have to look like Victoria's Secret models to be attractive. Each episode delivers a different moral such as honesty, courage and self-sacrifice.

I look forward to see how this series develops and whether it can keep up the same quality of plots.
Apple Blossom Cabalaero by LEXLOTHOR
Apple Blossom Cabalaero

More of my tiny Cabalaero dragons can be seen in my DA "LEXY WORKS" gallery:…

I was inspired by the pink blossoms on the crabapple tree in my garden to draw this art card. 

art (c) John P. Alexander

2.5' x 3.5" art card rendered in Prismacolor pencils, markers & acrylics

Maleficent Bunny by LEXLOTHOR
Maleficent Bunny
More examples of my mad modeling endeavors can be seen in my DA sculpture gallery:…

After seeing Disney's "Maleficent" I began work on a bunny sculpture version much in the manner of my vampire bunnies. Instead of fangs and batwings I gave her horns and angel wings with large dew claws at the wrists. I had her put together by September 2014. I finally finished her faux bronze patina and installed her glass eyes in April of 2015.

art & photo (c) John P. Alexander

Sculpture composited in resin, urethane, nylon, PVC plastic and fiber optic beads. Wingspan = 35 cm
Little Lady by LEXLOTHOR
Little Lady
More of my kitty pictures can be seen in my DA "LEXY WORKS" gallery:…

This is a commission from 2015's Norwescon. Little Lady is a real cat with small forelegs.

art (c) John P. Alexander

2.5" x 3.5" art card rendered in Prismacolor pencils, Tombow markers & acrylics
Chthulhu by LEXLOTHOR
More of my creepier art can be seen in my DA "Goth" Gallery:…

I received an atypical commission at 2015's Norwescon. I was able to achieve this effect very quickly with a limited palette.

2.5" x 3.5" art card rendered in Prismacolor pencils, Tombow markers and acrylics.


LEXLOTHOR's Profile Picture
John P. Alexander
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States

For art commission inquiries please contact me at:

Current Residence: suburban Seattle

Journal History

It was by chance that I attended this year's Emerald City Comic Con. Last year my daughter Krystal and I had an Artists Alley table. We did good business but the overhead was so huge that I barely broke even. We decided that we wouldn't "DO" ECCC again until we had our own comic book or product line to sell. The sale of original art and art cards is a marginal endeavor in terms of return on investment. I decided to sit this one out, but Krystal bought a 3-Day Pass months ago. Only a few weeks ago she realized that she had booked a women's film festival on the same weekend. As the later is more germane to her career trajectory she took this in. She got to borrow my car, I got the ticket.

Scalpers were plentiful and I heard that 3-Day passes were going for as much as $300. I can attribute an early sell out as the result of hundreds of speculators grabbing up blocks of tickets as though this were a rock concert. I have never seen so many ticket scalpers at any Seattle convention prior to this one.

So there I was at ECCC 2015 as a tourist. This con has become HUGE. It is now approaching the size of San Diego Comic Con or Atlanta's Dragon Con. As I approached downtown Seattle on Friday, the traffic on I-5 was backed up for miles. I didn't realize that I was headed directly for the epicenter of the traffic snarl. There were 80,000 fans cramming into a few city blocks. It was the worst traffic I have ever experienced in Seattle. It is the reason that I avoid downtown during Seahawks games. I had to sit in stop and go traffic for an hour and 20 minutes before I found a parking lot that was not full. I got the next to last spot in the 6th basement parking level of a luxury hotel. I have never paid so much for such a crappy parking space.

I have been attending ECCC sporadically for 10 years. It has grown by an order of magnitude in that time. The con almost doubled in facility space since last year. There may have been 100,000 fans there on Saturday. I am not sure of the figures. Let's just say that this year ECCC reached a critical mass in which it has become a "Happening" like Woodstock.

I spent the weekend mostly listening to panel discussions on the professional nuts and bolts of comic book production. These were well attended by fellow artists and writers. The events that involved "celebrities" were mobbed and I didn't even attempt to see any of these. Frankly, I couldn't care less. I leave these venues to the kids and starry eyed geeks. I did get to meet legendary comic artist Neal Adams in the Artists Alley. I have posted a photo of this occasion.

There were many exceptionally good hall costumes, too many in fact to take in. Perhaps as many as one in ten attendees wore some form of costume. I wore the same khaki vest I wear when hunting dinosaurs.

I did attend one panel that I thought was going to be a review of upcoming Marvel animated series. It turned out to be a sneak preview of an episode of next fall's "Avengers". So this was the only entertainment event I saw (by accident). The spectators were told that if anyone used a camera or I-phone during the screening that offenders would be ejected. Indeed there were four bouncers standing in the aisles to throw any violators out. This and the fact that cameras were banned from "celebrity" areas added to my perception that fans are beginning to be treated as cattle.

It was an interesting experience, but I am generally in it for the bucks.


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