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I work with "traditional" media. That means when I create art there is a physical canvas, sculpture or piece of paper with me all over it.

In answer to a number of recent inquiries here is my business pitch.

My idea of a "request" is a commission to create art for money (in US Dollars). Please do not ask me to draw something unless you are willing to pay for it up front.

My standard comic convention rates are as follows:

$10.00 monochrome sketch card
$15.00 color sketch card
$20.00 for 8.5 X 11 sketch
$35.00 for a "simple" 8.5 X 11 1 character color work

(all plus postage)

More ellaborate commissions are negotiated on a per case basis.

double @ price if you want "mature" content i.e. nudity
I do not do hard core or kinky stuff.


Which category of my works would you like to see more of? 

8 deviants said paleontology photography and reconstructions
8 deviants said Disney inspired fan art
8 deviants said "Malora"
6 deviants said astronomical and planetary art
4 deviants said comic book and cartoon inspired fan art
3 deviants said science fiction & fantasy movie and TV fan art
1 deviant said fantasy sculpture
No deviants said nature photography
No deviants said none of the above
No deviants said suggest spmething else


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Spot the Baby Antelope by LEXLOTHOR
Spot the Baby Antelope
More of my animal photography can be seen in my DA "Cute Critters" gallery:


This is a baby pronghorned antilope (Antilocapra americanum). I took the shot from my car window in the badlands of southwest Wyoming. I had driven between this kid and its mother. Its first reaction is to cower down as low as it can heel and remain motionless. This is more effective against detection by predators in sagebrush or tall grass. All this little thing had to hide in was a wheel rut.

It is about the size of a lamb. It took off when I drove away.

photo (c) John P. Alexander
Malora Commission by LEXLOTHOR
Malora Commission

This is the first large sized image of Maleficent and Aurora together that I have created in seven years. How could I have known then that Disney would make this pairing quasi-canon. It was commissioned by DA member who is a Malora afficionado. He provided me with a fan fic that only tangentially refers to an incident of this nature.

The alternate title of this work is "Resistance is Useless".

My patron was very patient with me. It took me two years of false starts before I finally chained myself to my drawing board. I began to layer more and more detail into it until I had slap my hand away in the manner of Alien Hand Syndrome. I chose not to create a distracting background. Rather I went for light effects and atmospherics. Aurora’s modesty is preserved by an intricate pattern of briar roses that spiral around her gown.

Maleficent and Aurora © Disney

art © me

8.5" x 11" original artwork rendered in Prismacolor pencils, Tombow markers and acrylic paint.

Traditional Wonder Woman by LEXLOTHOR
Traditional Wonder Woman

More of my superheroine fan art can be seen in my DA "Comicbook Characters" gallery:…

I enjoy drawing "classic" Wonder Woman. Fortunately enough fans agree as I sell all my art cards that I draw of her of her. In fact at Anglicon 2015 I sold the last WW art card I had. Hours later a fan then asked me if I had a WW card. As a response I drew this new one.

There have been efforts afoot to "revise" Wonder Woman for the big screen. In my opinion if it ain't broke, don't fix it! Leave WW the way she is!

Wonder Woman / Diana Prince (c) DC Comics

art (c) me

2.5" x 3.5" art card rendered in Prismacolor pencils, Tombow and metallic markers and acrylic paints.

Thranduil by LEXLOTHOR
More of my "Lord of the Rings" related fanart appears in my DA "Movies and TV" gallery:


Thranduil as portrayed by Lee Pace in "The Hobbit" trilogy.

Lord of the Rings & The Hobbit (c)
art (c) me & KARA

2.5" x 3.5" art card rendered in Prismacolor pencils, Tombow markers & acrylic paint.
Exoplanetscape 37 by LEXLOTHOR
Exoplanetscape 37
Further explorations into the unknown can be seen in my DA "Space Art" gallery:…

Here I return to the richest planetary system in the Milky Way Galaxy.

This is a view of my hypothetical exoplanet Sedona as seen from its twin world Sequoia. Both are habitiable Earth-like worlds of lesser mass than Terra. The lower gravity on Sequoia allows for surface rocks to repose at steeper angles than would ever be possible on Earth. The canyon lands of both worlds boast natural stone arches and spires of incredible spans and height. The trees growing on these upturned sandstones are each as tall as skyscrapers. They are taller than the tallest terrestrial redwoods. These planets share a common orbit about their sun at the L5 trojan point of a gas giant in the habitable zone.

They are in tidal lock with each other. They orbit around a common barycenter. Each planet always keeps the same face pointed at the other. Their mutual motion is inclined slightly to the plane of the ecliptic. As a result they have mutual eclipsing events spaced half a year apart. Most of these eclipses are grazing events in which the penumbra of one world crosses only a portion of the other. As sunlight is filtered through the atmosphere of one, it passes only red light around its limb to the other. This bathes whole latitudes in red light for several hours during the eclipse seasons.

Here we see the shadow of Sequoia casting red light on the south polar cap of Sedona.

This image revisits the multiple planet system previously posted as "Trojan Earths":


art & text (c) John P. Alexander

2.5" x 3.5" art card rendered in Prismacolor pencil, Tombow markers & acrylic paints.


LEXLOTHOR's Profile Picture
John P. Alexander
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States

For art commission inquiries please contact me at:

Current Residence: suburban Seattle

Journal History


I am giving away my age when I say that I watched the original "Star Trek" first run. Early in season one there was an episode entitled "What Are Little Girls Made Of?" The segment begins with Captain Kirk and Nurse Chapel beaming down to the surface of a frozen world. They go inside a well appointed subterranean research facility. There they are met by an eccentric inventor and his girl Friday assistant. Chapel remarks that it is odd that the scientist should be attended to by what is essentially a geisha. It is then revealed that the girl is in fact an android (technically a "gynoid"). His research operation then proceeds to collapse like a house of cards.

You are probably wondering what the hell does a description of an old "Star Trek" episode have to do with the new science fiction thriller "Ex Machina". The answer is that the synopsis you have just read equally describes the major plot points of "Ex Machina". There is nothing new in this film. It just assumes that the audience is ignorant of past precedent.

What do you get when you mix elements of "Blade Runner", "AI", "Metropolis" and "The Island of Dr. Moreau" together with a thin veneer of shop worn psychobabble? The answer is that you get "Ex Machina".

The story of "Ex Machina" is as though Dekerd's Voight-Kampf examination of Rachel the replicant ran for 110 minutes.

"Ex Machina" is "AI" centered around a robot shaped like a woman rather than a little boy.

Substitute Rotwang and his robotrix Maria and their resemblance to the Steve Jobs wannabe and Ava and the inspiration from "Metropolis" comes out.

Imagine if the principle character in H.G. Wells "The Island of Dr. Moreau" were not the castaway but rather the panther girl that Moreau stitches together in his operating theater and you get "Ex Machina".

This story is as old as Galatea. It is a premise I recall from the Sixties sitcom "Living Doll" in which an inventor creates a fembot in the form of Julie Newmar.

This film may do poorly in the U.S. market because it will be deemed to be "too intellectual". It is old hat to those of us who have known about the Turing Test and Oppenheimer's quotation of the Bagavad Ghita since high school. It will however appeal to B&D perverts who read Japanese hentai. This film was rated [R] for a reason.

"Ex Machina" has the pretention of imitating Alfred Hitchcock, Stanly Kubrick and Ridley Scott. It is as slowly paced as "The Shining". I sat through it once. Once was enough for me.


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